Story Mode is the main Single-Player mode of Avengeance: Heroes Among Us, and sees several Avengers and their enemies caught up in a incident which affects the lives of two versions of Earth. It is split up across twelve separate chapters, each with four battles against various enemies, and also includes special mini-games where the player can influence the starting health of the match for both parties. There are special cutscenes unique to the story which advance proceedings along.


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Story Chapters and BattlesEdit

Chapter One: Captain AmericaEdit

  • Captain America vs Deadpool (The Raft)
  • Captain America vs Electro (SHIELD Hellicarrier)
  • Captain America vs Green Goblin (SHIELD Hellicarrier)
  • Captain America vs Loki (New York)

Chapter Two: Captain MarvelEdit

  • Captain Marvel Vs Scarlet Witch (Regime) (OSCORP)
  • Captain Marvel Vs Wolverine (Regime) (OSCORP)
  • Captain Marvel vs Doctor Doom (Regime) (Hell's Kitchen)
  • Captain Marvel vs Captain Marvel (Regime) (Hell's Kitchen)

Chapter Three: Black Panther & Scarlet WitchEdit

  • Black Panther vs Spider-Man (Regime) (Wakanda)
  • Scarlet Witch vs Red Hulk (Wakanda)
  • Black Panther vs Black Panther (Regime) (Wakanda)
  • Scarlet Witch vs Kang the Conqueror (Regime) (Kang's Time Ship)

Chapter Four: LokiEdit

  • Loki vs Captain America (Hell's Kitchen)
  • Loki vs Enchantress (Insurgency) (Hell's Kitchen)
  • Loki vs Black Widow (Regime) (Loki's Raft)
  • Loki vs Red Skull (Regime) (Loki's Raft)

Chapter Five: Hulk & HawkeyeEdit

  • Hulk vs Abomination (Regime) (Doomstadt Castle)
  • Hawkeye vs Madame Masque (Regime) (Doomstadt Castle)
  • Hulk vs Thor (Regime) (STARK Industries)
  • Hawkeye vs Mandarin (Regime) (STARK Industries)

Chapter Six: WolverineEdit

  • Wolverine vs Taskmaster (Insurgency) (Savage Land)
  • Wolverine vs Green Goblin (Insurgency) (Savage Land)
  • Wolverine vs Star-Lord (Regime) (Avengers Mansion (Day)
  • Wolverine vs Wolverine (Regime) Avengers Mansion (Day)

Chapter Seven: DeadpoolEdit

  • Deadpool (Insurgency) vs Red Hulk (SHIELD Hellicarrier)
  • Deadpool (Insurgency) vs Spider-Man (Regime) (SHIELD Hellicarrier)
  • Deadpool (Insurgency) vs Madame Masque (Regime) (OSCORP)
  • Deadpool (Insurgency) vs Thor (Regime) (OSCORP)

Chapter Eight: Black Widow & Winter SoldierEdit

  • Black Widow vs Star-Lord (Regime) (STARK Industries)
  • Winter Soldier (Insurgency) vs Red Skull (Regime) (STARK Industries)
  • Black Widow vs Hawkeye (Kang's Time Ship)
  • Winter Soldier (Insurgency) vs Captain Marvel (Regime) (Kang's Time Ship)

Chapter Nine: Green GoblinEdit

  • Green Goblin (Insurgency) vs Enchantress (Insurgency) (New York)
  • Green Goblin (Insurgency) vs Loki (New York)
  • Green Goblin (Insurgency) vs Black Widow (Regime) (Avengers Mansion (Night)
  • Green Goblin (Insurgency) vs Iron Patriot (Avengers Mansion (Night)

Chapter Ten: Spider-ManEdit

  • Spider-Man (Regime) vs Captain Marvel (Regime) (Stark Tower)
  • Spider-Man (Regime) vs Abomination (Regime) (Stark Tower)
  • Spider-Man (Regime) vs Doctor Doom (Regime) (Doomstadt Castle)
  • Spider-Man (Regime) vs Spider-Man (Savage Land)

Chapter Eleven: Thor & Captain AmericaEdit

  • Thor vs Electro (Regime) (Savage Land)
  • Thor vs Kang the Conqueror (Regime) (Asgard)
  • Thor vs Scarlet Witch (Regime) (Asgard)
  • Thor vs Thor (Regime) (Asgard)
  • Captain America vs Captain America (Insurgency) (Avengers Mansion (Day)

Chapter Twelve: Iron ManEdit

  • Iron Man vs Mandarin (Regime) (Hell's Kitchen)
  • Iron Man vs Black Panther (Regime) (New York)
  • Iron Man vs Hulk (Regime) (Stark Tower)
  • Iron Man vs Iron Man (Regime) (Stark Tower)