Super Moves are special moves that can be done if a player has a Level 4 power bar. A Super Move is meant for doing massive Damage to your opponent.

Super Move ListEdit

Character Super Move Description
Abomination Ravager of Worlds Abomination punches the ground, making a wave of rocks erupt from the ground towards the opponent. If it hits, the opponent gets knocked into the air and Abomination leaps after them, grabbing them by the foot before he lands. Abomination then slams the opponent into the ground, stomps on their back, and tosses them aside. When the opponent gets up, Abomination charges at them and starts punching them multiple times, ending with a punch to the stomach and a blow to the face that sends the opponent flying away.
Black Panther Wakandan Tribe Black Panther throws a vibranium blade at the opponent's chest, piercing him/her. He then pounces onto them and claws them several times, before hurling him/her at a Wakandan warrior, who bats them back with a spear.
Black Widow In Soviet Russia Black Widow fires two SMGs at the opponent. She then somersaults over them, electrocuting them with her Widow's Bite along the way. Finally, she electrocutes them once more in the back before flipping them over her shoulder.
Captain America American Justice Captain America bashes his opponent with his shield. He then repeatedly beats up the opponent with his shield. He uppercuts him/her into the air. He slides to the other side as he shoots him/her and then he jumps up and rams the opponent into the ground in full force with the shield.
Captain Marvel Run The World Captain Marvel fires a massive photon blast at the opponent. While he/she is dazed, she grabs him/her and flies him/her up into the atmosphere, punching them all the way. Finally, she hits him/her with a photon-charged punch, knocking them back down to the arena.
Deadpool Breaking The Fourth Wall Deadpool starts off doing a quick samurai-esque sword strike at his opponent. Then he grabs onto his opponent's health bar (or his own health bar if he does this in the opposite direction). and he starts whacking the opponent everywhere and then does a home-run on him/her, knocking him/her away. He finishes by throwing the health bar at the opponent like a javelin. Then a flash of white takes us back to Deadpool in his original fighting position in the battlefield while his opponent falls down.
Doctor Doom Doom's Time Doctor Doom encases the opponent in a cylinder and watches from his throne as the opponent gets electrocuted several times inside. He slams his hand down and gives the final shock to the opponent.
Electro Electric Finisher Electro throws a ball of electricity at the opponent. He then teleports behind them and grabs their shoulder before holding his other hand up and making lightning flash down and electrocute them. He pushes them back, and then has multiple lightning bolts hit him, as he aims one extremely concentrated blast on his opponent.
Enchantress Asgardian Princess Enchantress blasts her opponent with a mystical green flame. She then snaps, which puts a knife in her hand. She throws it into their chest and a portal opens behind them. Executioner reaches out and pulls them in. The portal disappears and their taken damage goes unseen before another portal is opened and they're thrown out.
Green Goblin Oz Compound  Goblin throws a smoke bomb at the opponent confusing them. He then slits their throat with his arm blades. Afterwards he pushes some buttons on his gauntlet and zaps the opponent with his electric discharges and his glider flies in which he flips over and lands on causing it to impale his opponent.
Hawkeye Big Boom Hawkeye shoots his opponent in the chest with an arrow. He then shoots another arrow directly into the one already in their chest, shattering it. He then does this one more time before shooting them in the head. However, this arrow has a line attached to it. He yanks them over and as they are airborne, he performs a kick flip and kicks their head into the ground, which launches him into the air, giving him a chance to shoot an explosive arrow into their back.
Hulk HULK SMASH!!! Hulk roars angrily and grabs onto his opponent. He begins to slam the opponent in different directions. Then he uppercuts the opponent into the air and jumps high up, only to reappear hurling down at the opponent with a huge meteorite. The meteorite hits the opponent and they both fall down to the ground in full force with The Hulk jumping off of it.
Iron Man Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist Iron Man grabs the opponent and flies him/her into the air, electrocuting them through the gauntlets. In the air, he starts juggling them with repulsor blasts and missiles before finally flying above him/her and unibeaming him/her to the ground.
Kang the Conqueror TBA TBA
Loki God of Mischief Loki blasts his opponent with his staff. He then creates an illusion of a large Frost Giant, who slams his club into them, knocking them into the ground. As the illusion dissipates, he creates a large snake that coils around his opponent and forces them to punch themselves in the face before he stabs them through the chest with his staff.
Madame Masque TBA TBA
Mandarin Nightbringer Mandarin blasts his opponent with his "Zero" Ring, putting them in a block of ice, leaving their head exposed. He then uses the "Remaker" Ring to turn the ice into an explosion. When the opponent comes flying towards Mandarin, he blasts them with his "Nightbringer" Ring, making them disappear into nothingness. They then reappear behind Mandarin and crash into the ground.
Red Skull TBA TBA
Scarlet Witch Working Her Magic Scarlet Witch fires a hex at the opponent, which makes him/her trip over. She then levitates above them and releases energy, which makes the arena begin to dissolve. She finally redirects all of her energy at the opponent in a magic beam.
Spider-Man Ultimate Web Slinger  Spider-Man shoots web at his opponent and traps him/her inside it. He jumps up and swings the webbed opponent everywhere until it starts to break. Spider-Man then kicks the opponent all over the place, with every hit leading to webbing in parts of him/her. Afterwards, Spider-Man kicks the trapped opponent off of the webs and back into the battleground.
Star-Lord Bunch of A-Holes Star-Lord fires a rock at the opponent, sending them flying. They are then caught by Groot, who throws them into the air. Rocket Raccoon jumps up and smacks them back down with a missile. Drax then kicks them into Gamora's sword. she then throws them back to Star-Lord.
Thor Might of Mjölnir Thor bats the opponent through a portal to Asgard. There, the Warriors Three each lay a hit on him/her before Thor and Odin both blast him/her through another portal back to the stage.
Winter Soldier Hydra Super-Soldier Winter Soldier runs at his opponent and jumps over them, grabbing both of their shoulders and slamming them into the ground. He punches them repeatedly in the face with his cybernetic arm and he gets up and pulls out his cannon and fires it on his opponent's face.
Wolverine Weapon X Wolverine slashes his opponent and then does more slashes in the process. Followed by a Tornado Claw, he then slashes the opponent to the ground and slashes him/her, forming an X as he leaps up.